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2021 Awards

Welcome! We hope you enjoy watching our 2020-2021 Award Ceremonies.

    Find your child’s teacher and click on the paw.   Please remember that most teachers have 2 videos. 

                                                                                                                      Orange Paw- Mrs. Messman

 Orange Paw  Mrs. Brasherorange paw- mrs. brashear 2Orange Paw  Mrs. Mrs. BoutteOrange Paw  Mrs. Mrs. BoutteOrange Paw-Mrs. Haley Orange Paw-Mrs. HaleyOrange Paw  Mrs. Ms. ColleenOrange Paw  Mrs. Ms. ColleenOrange Paw -  Mrs. RogersOrange Paw -  Mrs. RogersOrange Paw-JenniferOrange Paw- Mrs. LombardoOrange Paw - Ms. CallieOrange Paw - Ms. CallieOrange Paw - C . Champagne  ORANGE MRS. C. CHAMPAGNEOrange Paw - S. ChampagneOrange Paw - S. ChampagneOrange Paw - mrs. CristyOrange Paw - mrs. Brittney  orange paw - mrs. shanieorange paw - mrs. shereeorange paw - viatororange paw - trimbleorange paw - trimbleorange paw - Mrs. Soileauorange paw - Mrs. Soileau‚Äčorange paw - Mrs. Mossorange paw - Mrs. Mossorange paw mrs. lightfootorange paw  mrs. drexlerorange paw  mrs. drexlerorange paw mrs. leblancorange paw mrs. leblancorange paw ms. thompsonorange paw ms. thompsonorange paw mrs. butlerorange paw mrs. butlerorange paw mr. heumannorange paw mr. heumann